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Who We Are

Himalayan Hydro Power Ltd

Himalayan hydropower Limited is a registered public limited company established under the companies Act 2063 of Nepal, with the objective of promoting hydropower in Nepal through private investment.

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Project Information

Power and Energy

Gross Head / Net Head      63.0 m
Design Discharge 1024 m3/sec
Installed Capacity 11,880 KW
Annual Energy 66.342 Gwh


Catchment Area 365 km2
Design discharge 23.75 m3/sec.
Mean Annual Flow 33.95 m3/sec.
Design flood Q1,000 1024 m3/sec


Namarjun Madi Hydro Power project

Namarjun Madi Hydropower Project (12 MW) is the project which is in operation since August 2015. The project is run of the river at Madi river of Kaski. For the execution of project company has entered into consortium agreement with various banks along with lead bank Janata Bank Nepal Limited.

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Hydropower Energy
Nepal Hydropower Development Program