Salient Features


Namarjun and Sildujure VDC, Kaski District, Western Development Region of Nepal

Purpose of Project

Electricity generation to supply for domestic use by connecting to national grid


Catchment Area

371 km2

Highest point of the catchment

7937 m (Annapurna III)

Long-term annual average flow

33.51 m3/s

90 % Exceedance flow

6.3 m3/s

40 % Exceedance flow

23.75 m3/s (Q40)

Design Flood (Q100)

1024 m3/s



Boulder lined with provision of secondary spillway

Downstream Slope

1:6.7 (V:H)

Crest Elevation

1020.3 m amsl

Crest Length

106.0 m

Max height from foundation

6.5 m