Namarjun Madi Hydropower Project

Namarjun Madi Hydropower, with 12 MW capacity, is located at Namarjun and Sildujure VDCs in Kaski District, Western Developement Region. The purpose of running this project is to generate electricity for domestic use by connection to national grid.

The project area lies about 20 km north of Pokhara city, the major city in the Western Development Region. Intake for this run of river scheme is about 1 km downstream of the confluence of Chipli Khola with the Madi river at Namarjun village. Geographically, the project is located between latitude 28o 17′ 56″ N to 28o 19′ 00″ N and longitude 84o 05′ 00″ E to 84o 06′ 08″ E .

The Madi river is a snow fed river, which originates from the Annapurna Himalayas and Lamjung Himal. The river joins the Seti river at Weirauli and is one of seven major tributary of the Sapta Gandaki River System in the Central Nepal. The area lies in the Mahabharat Zone. The predominant rock types are category of metamorphic rocks. The catchment area is mostly covered with forest of Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) and cultivated land.